The Centre for Enterprise (CE) inspires and supports students in developing innovative and creative ideas that may positively impact on the local, national, or international community in the short, medium, or long term, and/or in pursuing business opportunities through innovative ideas.

This is being achieved through a combination of:

  1. Motivational external speakers for students and the wider community (associated with Business Banter)

  2. General encouragement through curriculum and special initiatives or programmes that provide the basis for business understanding and planning (in association with the Commerce Department)

  3. Individual mentoring for approved projects being coordinated by the Centre for Enterprise.

The Centre for Enterprise enables students to pursue innovative and creative business ideas, encouraging entrepreneurial dispositions.

It receives applications from individuals or groups of students in the form of a business case. That business case is then considered for 鈥榮eed鈥 funding support. Once approved, a project is allocated to a business mentor from the Old Boy or parent community. The opportunity to pursue the enterprise 鈥 according to the steps outlined in the business plan 鈥 is enabled by seed funding from the centre.

The aim is to have up to $25,000 available 鈥 in addition to the school funds available annually 鈥 for this purpose sponsored by the wider College community members. These sponsors are involved with the Centre for Enterprise at several levels, according to availability and inclination.

If you wish to contribute as a sponsor of the Centre for Enterprise, please contact Shelley Keach.

For more information, please contact:

Staff Shelley Keach 9177 SQ
Shelley Keach

Senior Development Manager